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Area Code 316
Telephone Central Office Building Pictures

The following are representative examples of telephone central office buildings in Area Code 316 (Wichita, KS Metro).

Click on the pictures below for a larger version.



Listing Updated:
August 2010

Operating Company:
at&t/SBC/Southwestern Bell


Switch Type:
Ribbon/Genband/Nortel DMS-100

Prefixes Served:
(316) 261-9, 290-3, 295, 299, 303, 337, 352, 383, 436, 570, 660, 671, 676-7, 833, 882

This building was built around 1977 or 1978 to house a 1ESS switch which replaced the old step switches located a block away on N. Topeka. The new location was chosen because it is right behind the toll building on N. Broadway (WCHTKSBR) [the tall two tone brown/black building) which housed the 4ESS toll switches for Southwestern Bell and AT&T Long Lines at the time.



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