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Area Code 709
Telephone Central Office Building Pictures

The following are representative examples of telephone central office buildings in Area Code 709 (Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada).

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St. John's


Listing Updated:
April 2012

Operating Company:
Bell Aliant


Switch Type:
Genband/Nortel DMS-100

Prefixes Served:
(709) 273, 356, 428, 437, 460, 463, 465, 472, 552-3, 570, 576, 579, 722, 724, 726, 728-9, 733, 737-9, 744, 752-4, 758, 772, 777-8, 833, 895

This central office natively serves a very large number of adjacent ratcenters and is also host to a number of remotes.

The natively served ratecenters are Monkstown, Petite Forte, Torbay, Chance Cove, Arnold's Cove, Little Harbour East, Come By Chance, Long Pond, and Portugal Cove.
Source: GSV



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